Duck Commander™ 1972 PRO SERIES Duck Call Bocote Wood


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1972 Pro Series

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Duck CommanderTM's 1972 Pro Series Calls are built by serious waterfowlers for hardcore duck hunters. Each Call is hand-assembled and hand-tuned to ensure quality and consistency. They'll pull ducks in tight with a commanding greeting and a drake-finishing quiet low-end. Double reed. Made in the USA.

This Pro Series Bocote Wood call is smooth and features Phil's patented double reed system. Use this beautiful wooden call when the ducks are making their final pass. This call is designed to have the same volume and range as a Mallard Hen. The smooth, low-end properties allow you to blow quietly when ducks are in close range. This call is a Double reed, friction fit system. The Duck Commander line of calls will meet all of the hunter's needs. Material: High grade Wood with a Polycarbonate Insert Reed: Double Species: Mallard Hen Style: Friction Fit Tone: Smooth and Soft.

This is a stock photo call inserts may also be clear.  Please see additional pictures for true inventory pictures.

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